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Pastoral Care.


Members of the Pastoral Care Committee visit the sick and the shut-ins and report back to the rector who might follow up with a visit.  He and the parish secretary inform us if they hear of anyone who might like a friendly visit, and we keep them informed as well. There is no particular time when we do the visiting, but obviously we do not go too late in the day. We carry on all year as needed.

We feel that it is important for our parishioners to know that the church is there for them when needed.  Some people do not have a big support system and are very grateful for a visit or a telephone call.  We learn a lot about our parishioners as we chat, and generally leave with a song in our hearts! It is a great opportunity to bring the welcome of home at St. Matthias’ outside the four walls of the church, both to the members of the community and to those in their social circles.

The Pastoral Care Committee is always looking for more people to help out. Those who are best suited to help are at ease with people no matter their situation and enjoy taking the time to visit with them.  It is not always easy as life can sometimes be difficult.  However, we do our best to choose our words carefully and cheer them up as best as we can. To get involved, contact Francie Montgomery via email or at 514-481-4726.