The Rev. Dr. William Terence (Terry) Hidichuk


After retiring in Winnipeg, Fr. Terry and his wife Phyllis moved to Montreal to be with their granddaughter, daughter, and son-in-law. Fr. Terry was originally ordained in 1977 into the United Church of Canada and over 33 years served four parishes, three of them in the city of Winnipeg.  In 2010, he became the Acting Dean of Theology at the University of Winnipeg, and latterly the Executive Director of the United Centre for Theological Studies.  During that time, he began worshipping at the Anglican Parish of St. Peter’s and over the next few years discovered that his call to ministry had found a home in the Anglican Church.  In May of 2018, he was ordained a Priest in the Diocese of Montreal.

He came to the Anglican Communion because of a spiritual hunger that became satisfied in the Eucharist. The emphasis on sacramental theology in the Anglican tradition helps to feed his soul and therefore, at this point, it is where his theological passions lie.

Fr. Terry serves as a Curate at St. Matthias’, which entails taking part in Sunday worship, sometimes preaching, celebrating the Eucharist, reading the Gospel, and leading the occasional book study.  He thoroughly enjoys teaching and is excited about the possibilities that St. Matthias’ affords. He confesses to being a theological nerd, which is revealed in his three most re-read books: The Bible, Paul Tillich’s “My Search for Absolutes”, and Rowan William’s “Where God Happens”.  His most re-read movie, on the other hand, is Casablanca. He accepts food bribes in the form of pasta with spicy tomato sauce.