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Building & Maintenance.


This committee is composed of volunteers who look after the maintenance of the church building – dealing with extra cleaning activities inside and out, making minor repairs, changing light bulbs, etc. Members tend to work one day per week, with cleaning bees for the whole church organised once or twice per year.

The building is the gathering place for the community. A building that is well taken care of shows the commitment of the community, and provides a welcoming place for other users and visitors. Taking care of this space offers us a sense of duty and accomplishment. It reveals to us the understanding that we are stewards of the parish and must pass on the building in good condition to the next generations. Our work helps the church to feel like a welcoming home for people, not just as a gathering place for the congregation, but as a space that houses many other community groups as well.

The Building and Maintenance Committee is happy to welcome volunteers. To get involved, contact Stephen Hinton or the church office.