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The Chancel Guild.


The Chancel Guild is involved in maintaining the liturgical tools of the weekly services. We prepare the sanctuary for worship; maintain and care for the sacred vessels, altar lines, and vestments; make sure the sanctuary is cleaned; place the proper seasonal colours and hangings; prepare the Altar Table for services; prepare the Credence Table; and decorate the church for special holidays. Most of the work is done on Sunday mornings before church service and afterwards. Other work such as decorating for special holidays is usually done on the weekend before holiday service (two days ahead).

Being involved with the Chancel Guild makes us feel productive, and, more importantly, welcome in becoming part of the church community. It is a great chance to make friends, and everyone in the Guild is very genuine, friendly, and helpful. Our quarterly meetings with potluck dinners hosted by different members are some of the most fun events in the church, we think!

The Chancel Guild is always happy to welcome new volunteers., and indeed encourage members of the community to become members. To get involved, contact Audrey McLennan..