This week in Sunday school

Sunday, October 6th

As part of our preparation for another upcoming Family Service (they’re almost back-to-back!), we’ll be spending part of our time with one of our friends from the choir, learning some songs. We’ll also be talking about Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed, and what it means to be “enough” for God.

this semester in sunday school

The fall semester runs from September 8th to December 22nd, and includes four family services, some big art projects, and a visit from Fr. Patrick!

This whole year in Sunday School, we’re focusing on two main strands of learning: the Church Year, and Heroes of the Bible. Our Church Year lessons focus mostly on lectionary readings, with detours into important events in the life of the church like All Saints’ Day, Advent, and Epiphany. Our Heroes of the Bible lessons focus on women and men (and boys and girls!) from the Bible who show us how to live remarkable lives, how to take care of each other and the world, and give us insight into who God is. We’ll also be doing some service projects, helping out more with our regular family services, and helping facilitate some learning for the adult members of the congregation as well!


last week in sunday school

Sunday, September 29th

The first family service of the school year! We joined the adult members of the congregation in the sanctuary for a St Michael and All Angels celebration full of great liturgy (including washing our hands and praying pop-up style!), great music, and a special blessing of the Children’s Chapel, where our magnificent fruits and vegetables rest on the altar.

next week in sunday school

Sunday, October 13th

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be in the pews making a joyful noise to the Lord (grab your instruments along with your bulletins!), participating in liturgy, and helping the congregation to sing a Very Important Song about thankfulness.