This week in Sunday school

Sunday, December 9th

We’ll be looking at the second lesson in our Advent series on Jesus’ family. Join us as we read some Bible stories, make some Jesse Tree ornaments, and talk about the waiting that we do in Advent.

this semester in sunday school

This semester in Sunday School, we’ve been focusing on aligning what we do with what the other members of the church are doing. On many Sundays, we follow the lectionary, and around family services, we focus on lessons that relate to the topics touched on in upcoming service. The aim here is to allow congregation members of all ages to be able to talk to each other about things they’ve learned in church, and to help connect the Sunday School into the life of the church. Our semester ends with preparations for Christmas throughout the Advent season, culminating in a gift for the whole congregation that we will present on December 23rd.


last week in sunday school

Sunday, December 2nd

We did the first lesson in our Advent series on Jesus’ family. We read the story of God’s promise to Abram, that his descendants would be as many as the stars in the sky, and talked about how, because Jesus is Abraham’s descendant and we are Jesus’ siblings, we are the fulfillment of God’s promise. We made the first seven ornaments for the Jesse Tree.

next week in sunday school

Sunday, December 16th

We’ll be continuing our Advent series on the Jesse Tree, a way of talking about all the different people who waited for Jesus to come. All of Advent will be dedicated to learning about these important figures in Biblical history, and making ornaments for the Jesse Tree, which will be used in the Family Service right before Christmas.