This week in Sunday school

Sunday, February 17th

Love Month continues with a discussion of Luke’s version of the Beatitudes. What kind of people does Jesus say are blessed? How can what we do be part of God’s plan to bless them?

this semester in sunday school

This semester in Sunday School, we’ve been focusing on aligning what we do with what the other members of the church are doing. On many Sundays, we follow the lectionary, and around family services, we focus on lessons that relate to the topics touched on in upcoming service. The aim here is to allow congregation members of all ages to be able to talk to each other about things they’ve learned in church, and to help connect the Sunday School into the life of the church. Our semester ends with our annual Father’s Day Family Service, where we’ll be involving the whole congregation in a collective act of praise!


last week in sunday school

Sunday, February 10th

Last week, we continued our Love Month series by talking about God’s providing love for us!

next week in sunday school

Sunday, February 24th

We’ll be joining the adult members of the congregation in a Family Service celebrating the ways we have demonstrated love through participating in the Coldest Night of the Year!