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MissionWorks engages with a range of outreach programs that include but are not limited to standard Anglican bodies, such as PWRDF, as well as many local social justice initiatives (refugee organizations, foodbanks, shelters, etc.). Our mandate is not limited to fundraising, or even simply raising awareness. Our focus in action is to do both; our ministry is reflected in the inner work of seeking to live the Gospel joyfully, with gratitude and compassion.

The spiritual journey is never fully engaged without realizing (in every sense of the word) that we are called to be (versus do). In journeying together, we grow. The deep, intentional and inclusive relationships we build together in our work challenges our society's fairly dark view that we are irrelevant. MissionWorks is an integral part of our rebuff of such views: we are part of the light!

MissionWorks volunteers are engaged every day of the year, but at St. Matthias’ the seasons of Advent and Lent are particularly important. Discussions and programming during these seasons take place on Sundays either as part of the service or during specially scheduled events held following services. Even when the tasks at hand are mundane, or hard to embrace, finding the niche where helping out feels right to us, is always a gift.

MissionWorks is looking for new volunteers! To get involved, contact Penny Rankin.