The St. Matthias’ Sunday School


The St Matthias' Sunday School has three main objectives:

  1. To deliver high-quality education in foundational Christian ethics (love, kindness, peace) to the children of our parish;

  2. To allow the parents of those children respite during services so that they can worship in peace; and

  3. To empower the children of our parish community to feel a deep sense of belonging, both in the congregation and in the wider Church, whether it be through their involvement in Family Services, in the setting up of children's areas within the church, or in cross-generational projects (artwork, spring planting, or community engagement, such as leading St. Matthias' advocacy for clean water in remote Indigenous communities).

We learn as much from our children as they do from us! We have a great team of caring and creative teachers, and caring and creative kids!

We want the experience of attending church to be joyful and meaningful for all who attend, and to achieve that aim we deliver a Sunday School programme most Sundays during the school year, from 10:30-12; host family services once a month; and advocate for the concerns of children and young families within the church.

Our all-ages Sunday School is open to all children and children-at-heart. Children who are uncomfortable being upstairs alone are welcome to bring their parents with them

The St. Matthias’ Sunday School is in compliance with the Anglican Diocese of Montreal’s Safe Church recommendations.