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Readers & Greeters.


Readers and Greeters are an essential part of every Sunday morning at St. Matthias’. We greet congregants and give them a hymn book & bulletin, read the lessons, take a count of attendance, take up the elements to the altar party, take up the offering, usher during communion & help those in need to maneuver the chancel steps, finally filling out the Offering/Attendance form at the end of the service. We also work ahead of the service to ensure that the hymn numbers are on the Hymn Boards, and that the hymn books are out and have the Bulletin inserted for easy distribution.

Our work is never-ending from mid-August until the end of June, so it’s nice to have a big team. We feel it is important to get parishioners involved in the life of St. Matthias', and Reading & Greeting is a way of getting started, especially because it helps to build rapport between members of the community. We work hard to maintain St. Matthias’ reputation for warmth and friendliness – but, in truth, the work isn’t that hard, and it’s a great way to take part in the life of the church.

We are always excited to have new readers and greeters join our team! To get involved, contact Brian Davies via email or at 514-489-5378.